1. Thursday October 25, 2012

    11am databases, more on jdbc and jsp

    noon, tried to read anthropology stuff in senior lab, it was very distracting in there, went to jlab, was also kinda distracting, then went outside near the window and just read there until 3

    3pm senior projects meeting, discussed poster with professor, then went to the 8th floor to print it out on the plotter

    5pm wrote up anthropology stuff, drew a bit

    6pm compilers, AT&T syntax, pointer arithmetic (you can’t subtract a pointer from an int without a cast, and other such things), dereferencing pointers that are not aligned, multidimensional arrays (corresponding AST and whatever other diagram thing), structs in intermediate representation form, shallow copies of structs, unions, constant propagation/folding, optimization of constants (and when it can’t be done), variable length arrays, constant addresses, basic blocks, goto statements and labels (i.e. you can goto a label inside a for loop, essentially bypassing the initialization part, also what even happens if you goto past the initialization+assignment of a variable??)

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